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We know you have choices when you scrap. If you get a better price, chances are we can match it. Call 301-424-3000 for a quote or come see us at 15000 Southlawn Lane, Rockville, MD.

Scrap Metal Prices in LA | Dispose Metals at Greener Recycling

Greener Recycling has been purchasing metal scrap for cash or any form of payment you prefer since 2009. In order to estimate your scrap value, please fill the scrap pick up form or just call us. Here is the list of metals we accept and average metal scrap prices per pound.

how much can i sell scrap copper per OZ.? | Yahoo Answers

Jun 22, 2008· i wanna know because i have spare copper at my house and idk where to sell it at i know its worth something but how much ??? ... How much can i sell scrap copper per OZ.? ... $3.89 per pound. J. P. · 1 decade ago . 0. Thumbs up. 0. Thumbs down.

Copper Ounce Price Calculator - CoinApps

Use the copper price per ounce calculator to learn how much your items are worth per ounce of copper, or to decide what you might be willing to pay based on copper cost per ounce. The copper per ounce calculator will figure the price per ounce of pure copper, unless you specify a …

Copper Price Per Pound - Capital Scrap Metal

Capital Scrap Metal, LLC offers a variety of sizes of roll-off containers to choose from, free of charge for your convenience. Commercial and industrial customers may also be eligible for free scrap pick-up. Find out why Capital Scrap Metal is a top leader in copper recycling in Florida and check out our copper price per pound. It Pays to be Green

Copper Prices and Copper Price Charts - InvestmentMine

May 24, 2019· Copper Prices and Copper Price Charts Copper Price 2.71 USD/lb (5,966.81 USD/t | 5,326.56 EUR/t) 24 May 2019 - 52 Week Low 2.57 USD/lb 52 Week High 3.29 USD/lb Copper Price Charts in Different Time Ranges

What is the current price per pound for copper scrap in ...

Current is a relative term and prices will fluctuate based on economics, supply/demand etc. As of April 2012, the price per pound for steel/iron scrap ranges from 6 to 7 cents per pound.

How Much Does Aluminum Sell For - Metals Experts

Nov 22, 2017· How much does aluminum selling earn you? Aluminum is priced by scrap metal yards per pound. Its pricing often varies per item depending on the amount of pure aluminum found in it. ... • Transportation where it's often used as alloys with copper and magnesium to get a stronger shape and used for the construction of airplanes mostly. And can ...

Stripping Copper Wire - Is It Worth? | Greener Recycling

For 12-gauge wire average price is a $1.30 per lb. the way it is with insulation, that would translate in to $130.00 for your 100lbs of 12-gauge wire, without stripping it. If you were to strip it, your 75lbs of copper would bring you $1.90 per pound $142.50 the difference between stripping and selling it the way it was would be $12.50.

1 pound Copper Bars - Provident Metals Online

1 pound copper bars from ProvidentMetals.com measure around ¼ inch thick by 2 ½ inches wide by 5 1/8 inches long. All bars come in a protective sleeve for long-term storage. Order your 1 pound copper bars today through our secure online ordering system and have them shipped directly to you with just the click of a mouse!

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Call us at 919-828-5426 so we can be your full service recycling partner. We have great scrap metal prices per pound for your demolition projects and great prices per pound for cardboard and plastics from industrial sites. JUNK CARS-SELL FOR CASH-TOWING SERVICE, REMOVAL, PICKUP, WRECKER. Junk cars are a key part of our business.

CMC Recycling Scrap Metal Price List - iScrap App

CMC Recycling Updated scrap metal price list of Non-Ferrous Metals, Ferrous Metals and Electronic Waste. Find local scrap metal pricing at your closest scrap yard.

Current Scrap Metal Prices Per Pound Louisiana | Scrap ...

Types of Scrap Metal you can Sell For Top Prices per tonne/Pound in Louisiana? All kinds of scrap metal have a price and can be sold for good prices in Louisiana although you should take note that most scrap yards in Louisiana will not buy electrical equipment as scrap metal as the process of removing the scrap metal is not easy.

Current Scrap Metal Pricing, CMC Recycling Tulsa

Last Updated: 05/22/2019 Description Door Preferred Ferrous (per net ton) #2 PREPARED $125.00 $135.00 P&S PREPARED $135.00 $145.00 #2 UNPREPARED $100.00 $105.00 P&S UNPREPARED $110.00 $115.00 SHRED AUTO BODIES $90.00 $100.00 SHREDDER TIN $90.00 $100.00 ALUM BREAK 25-50% $0.04 $0.06 […]

Current Scrap Metal Pricing, CMC Recycling Dallas / Fort Worth

CMC Recycling is a full-service metals recycler that welcomes all commercial and industrial businesses, brokers, dealers, and individuals looking to sell their scrap metal. Our core values of integrity and honesty ensure that our clients receive maximum value for their […]

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May 23, 2019· Highest Prices Paid Guarantee. Check here for price of scrap metal. We are not undersold! We beat all competitors in the state of Florida. We pick-up.

Scrap Copper Prices per Pound/Ton/Ounce/Gram (Appliances ...

Sep 27, 2018· Copper wire and tubing will sell for around $2.50 per pound. ScrapMonster puts current copper radiator scrap prices at about $1.50 per pound. Depending on your location and the company to which you sell your copper …

How much is copper per pound - answers.com

How much is copper per pound? ... Scrap Metal is worth anywhere from 10¢ per pound and above, depending on what you are selling. For example, scrap copper is ~$3 per pound.

Copper Prices - Today's Spot Copper Price Chart - TheStreet

Jan 20, 2012· Copper prices today -- chart of today's spot copper price, prices of copper ETFs, guides on how to invest in copper and coppers news coverage. ... Today's Spot Copper Price Chart - TheStreet.

Why are 1 oz Copper Bars so expensive? - Coin Community

May 10, 2012· 16 ounces equal a pound and as of this writing copper is trading at $3.68 per pound. Technically an ounce of copper should be 23 cents. I have been searching Ebay and other sites for a one ounce bar of copper, but the lowest price I can find is $2.00. If each ounce of copper was worth 2 dollars, then each pound of copper …

Houston scrap metal recycling facility that accepts ...

Houston Scrap Metal Houston scrap metal recycling – Our metal recycling facility has proudly served our local commercial and residential customers for 30 years. We offer a full-service, indoor drive-thru facility. We purchase non-ferrous metals, including aluminum, copper, brass, stainless, nickel alloy, lead and much more.

Scrap Metal Price Per Pound in Greensboro, NC - YP.com

Find 57 listings related to Scrap Metal Price Per Pound in Greensboro on YP.com. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Scrap Metal Price Per Pound locations in Greensboro, NC.

Current Scrap Metal Prices Alberta | Scrap Copper, Lead ...

Some examples of the best metals to sell for top prices per tonne/Pound in Alberta include ; a number of different types of cabling, radiators, wheels, extrusion, sheets, castings and more. Similarly for copper there is cabling, coils, wires and a variety of different types of alloys too.

Copper Bullion Bars & Rounds - Best Prices | JM Bullion™

You can often purchase copper bullion bars and rounds at around $1 per ounce while more collectible pieces like bullets go for slightly higher prices. Bullion Designs. JM Bullion is pleased to offer customers some exciting products of copper bullion.

Butler, PA Scrap pricing | MRC Scrap Metal

Here are today's updated scrap prices for MRC Scrap Metals. Due to the conditions in the market, prices are subject to change without announcement. If you have questions regarding our current prices, please contact us directly. The prices below are a mix of ferrous or …

Copper Price Per Pound- Rockaway Recycling

Current Copper Price Per Pound also depends on the market price. Rockaway Recycling will show you the copper price per pound by going to our Daily Updated Prices page. When you are there, you will see the copper price per pound as well as other prices on scrap metals such as the scrap brass price per pound …

SLM Recycling Inc Scrap Metal Price List - iScrap App

SLM Recycling Inc Updated scrap metal price list of Non-Ferrous Metals, Ferrous Metals and Electronic Waste. Find local scrap metal pricing at your closest scrap yard.

Scrap Copper Wire Prices per Pound (Prices for Insulated ...

Sep 27, 2018· Scrap copper wire can be found in extension cords, strings of Christmas lights, old desktop computers, power cables, and much more. Copper wire prices are higher than scrap stainless steel and most other metals. We have what you need to know about scrap copper wire prices per pound. Types of Copper Wire

Car Scrap Prices [How Much Is Your Junk Car Worth]

Jun 02, 2017· Depending upon what metals are found in your radiator, you could make as much as $1 per pound by selling it for scraps. Or if your radiator is still in good condition you can sell it on its own for $30-$75. Tires. If your tires are still in good shape, they can fetch up to $50 per tire.

How Much is Your Old Copper Worth? - PacketLife.net

Aug 01, 2012· Unfortunately, our copper price seems to fluctuate more based on who is behind the counter signing the checks than it does the market. Sometimes we get the "unclean copper" price, which makes for some large checks ($1.34/lb is the highest I have seen thus far). Other times, we get the "light copper" price of less than $0.50 per pound.

Double Your Money Selling Old Pennies by the Pound - AOL ...

Dec 05, 2012· Double Your Money Selling Old Pennies by the Pound. Share. ... auctions are asking between $2 and $3 per pound for quantities of 10 to 25 pounds of …

How to Sell Copper (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Mar 29, 2019· Between 2004 and 2009, copper surged in value from approximately $1 per pound to close to $4 per pound. The value dipped dramatically in 2009 during the recession to approximately $1.50 per pound. But the price rebounded by 2012 to an all-time high of approximately $4.50 per pound. Since then, the price of copper …